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Six Day Whitewater Rafting Guide School

Product Description

Six days on the river with experienced guide school instructors. Each day you will be on the river starting with the and ending on the Class 4+ North Fork American or Class 5 (depends on flow conditions).

See this additional information for schedules:
Guide School Rafting Schedule MIN AGE: 18yrs

  • Reg price $890/person
  • Discount is valid throughout 2017

  • College Students: If you are a current recreation major at a college or university, our Whitewater Guide School may also offer college course credits based on your particular curriculum. Just ask your school's counselor or advisor.

    Our most popular class schedules are during spring break. We advise that you reserve your guide school program prior to Jan 15th.

    Curriculum: The whitewater rafting guide school program encompasses many aspects of commercial whitewater guiding. The obvious skill of "reading water" is an absolute necessity in becoming a professional commercial guide. The skills below are necessary for the accomplished, successful whitewater guide.

    • Navigation skills on whitewater rapids
    • reading water hydrology
    • guide to client interaction skills
    • river rafting equipment maintenance and repair
    • camp cooking, food packing based on county health and safety
    • regulations on the river
    • rafting preparedness
    • whitewater warehouse pre-packing skills
    • designing a personal safety talk for rafting clientele
    • ropes & knots, throw rope techniques
    • river rescue skills, safety techniques for commercial clientele
    • becoming a cohesive part of the WET River Trips' crew

      • Please note that W.E.T. River Trips is an official California State Parks' Concessionaire on American River whitewater trips. Commercial guiding's focus is safety first; everything else is secondary.

        The type of personality that works best for commercial guiding is the candidate who loves working and serving the needs of people who may be completely a novice to our whitewater sport. The opportunity to guide and teach whitewater rafting and share your love of rivers with that first time rafter is a thrill unmatched with other job opportunities. You have the ability to create wonderful memories for people who may have never reached out into the outdoors. You are in control of their destiny and their safety. What you do on the river is a powerful experience for any whitewater rafter or paddler. You are the captain of your ship!

        Please contact our office for any questions regarding our program. Please note that we will not offer any river that is at unsafe levels. In other words, all schedules and rivers may be modified based on flow regimes and safety priorities.

    For more information on our trips, please visit our company website at W.E.T. River Trips . Or call toll free 1.888.723.8938