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WETsuit Rentals - Great deals for your groups!

Product Description

Wetsuits are necessary during cold weather or high water.
Please note that only our guests can rent wetsuits when they are on our trips. Thanks!

If in doubt, check our website or our blog.
WET River Trips

3ml wetsuit called "Farmer John" (long to ankles,no sleeves)
splash jacket (jacket is water resistant)

All wetsuits must be returned immediately after the trip.
(Otherwise, we will bill you for the full amount of the replacement)

During spring, there is a mad rush for suits!
We need all confirmed trips to place their orders two weeks prior to your trip date.

Place your name, your gender, confirmation number and your height & weight for rentals at the bottom of the billing page in the comment box. Thank you!

For more information on our trips, please visit our company website at W.E.T. River Trips . Or call toll free 1.888.723.8938